‘I owe maximum of what I have today to reality shows'

Debarati Palit Singh
Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Choreographer Geeta Kapur, who will be next seen judging India Ke Mast Kalandar, says that the show will be a platform for a multitude of talented people who have not been taken seriously 

After dancing, it’s comedy for Geeta Kapur. The choreographer is set to judge Sony Sab’s upcoming reality talent show — India Ke Mast Kalandar with singer Mika. Hosted by Sumeet Raghavan, the show will go on air from July 21. Contestants will seen flaunting their quirky talents, with dollops of humour. “Mika and I are judging it with Sumeet hosting, so it’s going to be a comedy!” laughs Geeta, adding that the team will soon start shooting for the episodes. “That’s when we actually know if we will kill each other or work with each other. Right now, we have just shot for the promos and it’s pretty nice.” 

The choreographer adds that India Ke Mast Kalandar is going to feature a multitude of talented people who are not taken seriously. “This is the first time we are going to take their talent seriously. They are just looking for recognition for the fact that they entertain people.” 

Ask her how she defines comedy and she replies, “Anything that makes the heart happy and brings a smile on your face. Anything that’s good humour and not vulgar, something your family can sit together and watch.” 

Geeta has been judging reality shows since 2009. She started off as the judge of Dance India Dance and went on to judge several seasons of the show. She moved on to judge several other dance reality shows. Over the years, she has interacted with numerous contestants. But how much have these interactions changed her as a person? Geeta replies, “Initially, I was very casual about myself sitting on a panel and did not take it seriously till the first season was over. I realised that what I say to the contestants sometimes does change their life, or rather it changes the audience’s perspective towards the contestants. So I started to take my role more seriously and realised that it’s better to be natural, because you cannot fool the public. Since I have been honest, people have started to appreciate that about me.” 

She talks about how dance shows have many takers and says that this demonstrates that dance is getting the respect and recognition it deserves. “Dance has become serious matter for people to look at and enjoy. A lot of contestants have become choreographers and have flourishing careers. It has also given career opportunities to people who are associated with it. In addition to that, it has kept me seated and kept my bank balance going (laughs),” says the choreographer who started off her career assisting Farah Khan. 

Geeta who recently judged Super Dancer Chapter 2, has also found a whole new popularity because of reality shows. Many (including contestants and viewers) fondly call her ‘Geeta Maa’ out of respect.

“When I was not judging reality shows, I had my team who called me ‘Maa’. It became more popular once I started doing the show. I have worked towards making that name and am humbled by the fact that they call me ‘Maa’,” she says, adding, “I owe my popularity to the people who watch these shows, the channels who have given me a platform, and the producers who believe that if I am part of their show, I add value to it. It’s been a learning experience. There is no denying that I owe maximum of what I have today to reality shows, because before that I did not have the name or fame I deserved. This has turned my life around and I hope it will continue for a long time.” 

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